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Address: 1266 Bluff Road – Omega House
Bluff – Durban – 4052

Phone: 031-466-8500

Business Hours: Mon – Fri  –  08h00 – 16h30


Omega Containers Timeline

  • 1997 September Omega Container CC founded by Mark Cringle
  • 1998 January Omega started trading, exclusively in cabotage
  • 1999 The company diversifies into cross-hauls, to complement the cabotage already being done for container operators
  • 2002 Omega begins doing the occasional container sale and rental
  • 2003 September Omega purchased 450 sqm, 3-storey office block overlooking the port of Durban. At the same time the company converts from a Close Corporation to a (Pty) Ltd
  • 2003 October Beta Asset Management (Pty) Ltd established to run the office building
  • 2004 June The first tenant moves into “Omega House” (there are currently 7 tenants including Omega
  • 2005 The decision is taken to actively expand into container sales and rentals
  • 2006 The rental fleet is growing and office containers are added to the fleet of 6m GP, 12m GP and 12m HC
  • 2007 The first new containers are purchased by Omega specifically for rental
  • 2008 January Omega takes delivery of a MAN 8-ton 6-cylinder delivery vehicle with a 2,5 ton crane to facilitate the delivery & collection of rental & sale containers
  • 2009 The recession arrives unannounced. Cost-cutting and debt reduction are the order of the day. What emerges, is a lean and efficient trading machine ready for anything.
  • 2010 The shipping lines recover. There is a shortage of containers, but we have anticipated this, and put in place certain supply arrangements. This ensures Omega’s success in its endeavors to wholesale containers.
  • 2011 This turned out to be our best year ever. The year was characterized by a marked increase in wholesale container sales.
  • 2012 Saw the implementation of a more sophisticated stock control system. This was essential in order to keep pace with a rapidly expanding container rental fleet.
  • 2013 In order to keep pace with increasing demands for rental equipment, the fleet is increased by 33 1/3 %. Melissa Papiah also joined our team.
  • 2014 After service of 14 years, Sagrie Chetty left the company. Our new 6m trailer was purchased for our crane truck, in order to provide more efficient deliveries.
  • 2015 Stacey Johnson joins our team. Sales increase dramatically this year.
  • 2016 Robert Mkhize joins our team as our new Crane Truck Driver. Chaz Whitfield also joins our team as Operations Coordinator & Our Marketing Team is created. We also have a foresight of increase in sale prices, so an abundance of stock is purchased.
  • 2017 Stacey Johnson joins our Sales Team & We are pleased to be able to satisfy our customers by keeping sale prices consistent. Expansion in operations and sales begin in Cape