SCAM ALERT 24/06/2021

We wish to inform our Valued Clients that we have no affiliation with “Natasha Fourie” posing to be from our company. This fraudster utilizes a Gmail address (we have our own domain name) & provides our Head Office address (1266 Bluff Rd, Bluff, Dbn) as her location.

We would like to remind everyone to please stay vigilant during these trying times. The Covid-19 pandemic has hampered global trade in an unprecedented way, with countries across the world imposing trade restrictions in their attempts to contain the spread of the virus, and with production and consumption being scaled back due to the weakened economic activity. This has caused a shortage in containers and an increase in rates. If a container is heavily discounted, it is most likely fraud.

Our advice to clients remains the same: please do your homework on companies & if something seems too good to be true it always is. We will always allow our clients to view containers before making a decision to purchase. All stock that we supply is stock that is owned by Omega Container – PTY LTD. Any company that does not allow you to view & forces you to make payment ASAP is fraudulent. The decision to part with your hard earned money is a big one, please be careful.

If customers are suspicious about the identity of a company, they should verify with us by calling us on (031) 466 8500 or email us at