Good day followers,

With regards to our 2 previous posts about the fake organizations utilizing our company details to commit fraud, we would like to notify you that the below 4 fake companies are the same person/s & we urge you to stay clear & do not fall prey to their scams:

FAMIA HOLDINGS (originally requested a quote from us, we then invoiced & credited as no payment was received, only to steal our company details)

SA OMEGA CONTAINERS (we recently had their website / domain taken down as they stole our details including photos of our work)

GLOBAL OMEGA CONTAINERS (fake website created recently – still using our physical address)


What we know about them:

1. They are utilizing our MD’s name MARK CRINGLE (identity theft)

2. They never allow clients to inspect containers before purchasing

3. They state that “inspections are only done once a month on the 10th”

4. Their prices are constant – always R12,000 or R18,000 and transport (no matter where) is always R3,500

5. They utilize ABSA & FNB bank accounts

We have had a few people who have been scammed contact us & Private Investigators are currently tracking these fraudsters.
Furthermore, D.R Container Sales is also a scam.

Please see screenshots attached & take note. Times are tough & we want our clients to be safe and protected.