Container Sales & Rentals

Omega Container offers the services of container sales, rentals, conversions, cabotage and cross-hauls.

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Cabotage Services

When Omega was founded in 1997, the intention was to concentrate on this service. By definition, cabotage is, “the re-positioning of empty containers, from an area of surplus, to an area of shortage”.

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Crosshaul Services

Cross-hauls, are simply the movement of empty containers from depot to depot, depot to terminal, or terminal to depot.

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Omega Container

Why is Re-Using Shipping Containers Eco-Friendly/Green?

The answer is simple; re-using any item or product has the least impact on the environment & so, is eco-friendly. The ultimate goals of sustainability are to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Shipping containers are made of highly resistant COR-TEN steel have been used in thousands of projects around the world as the building blocks for a wide variety of buildings such as:

Site Offices
Telephone/Cellular Kiosk
Computer Rooms
Spaza Shops
Gate Control Offices
Mixed Use Centres


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